Wellbeing through Sports Centre at Scrabo Golf Club

About the Project

Dear Member,


Hope you are keeping safe and well.  A group of members of Scrabo Golf Club are seeking to restore and develop our old Snooker Room which was abandoned in 2006, when we invested in our new clubhouse.  The Council of the club have agreed that we form a separate project group in order to create a 'Wellbeing Through Sports' facility.


As well as providing members with a Snooker/Pool/Darts/TV Room we wish to extend use of the facility to also cater for groups of disabled people as a respite centre. They would book the facility for their sole use, without interfering with ongoing Golf activities. 


Members of the club have ,so far, contributed £2k+ towards the cost of refurbishment and fit-out.  Business folk among the key group are supplying their skills and time voluntarily.  We have a tentative offer of a snooker table from Eddie Irvine (of F1 Grand Prix fame), subject to the sale of his property. We are seeking a good quality Pool table to complete the fit-out.


Also we will apply for grant assistance from local government, to add to the contributions already made.  To facilitate this, the new group must be formally constituted, meet regularly with an agenda and keep minuted records.  This group will manage and run the project. Membership and Action Plans will be finalised on receipt of a response from the Grant Authorities.


The application is being submitted under a signed copy of the Group's constitution.


Meanwhile we would be extremely grateful if Scrabo Golf Club Members were to continue to make contributions towards project funding.  Information relating to how you can donate can be found here.


William J Brown MBE.

Proposed renovation plans

Ground Floor Layout
01 Ground Floor _ Layout.pdf.pdf
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Elevation Layout
03 Elevations _ Layout.pdf.pdf
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Donations can be made electronically via bank transfer to the following Santander account using

Sort code 090129

Account number 49059236

You can also make cash or cheque donations made directly to Bill Brown or George Dineley (cheque’s made payable to Bill our myself) or alternatively placed in a sealed envelope marked for our attention and left behind the bar, the envelope should also include the donor’s name & contact number, to enable us to acknowledge receipt of same and properly account for each individual donation.

If you have any queries regarding the new Sports Centre or would like to get involved please contact George Dineley at enquiries@ggdineleyandsons.co.uk