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GUI RESULT 94% in favour of the proposal

ILGU RESULT  100% in favour of the proposal


Check out the document below.  Further details can also be found in this Golfnet article.

Golf Ireland - Green light.pdf
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Golf Ireland Proposal

The Boards of both the ILGU and GUI have unanimously approved the Proposal for Golf Ireland and we are now asking you, as members of affiliated clubs to give your support to the proposed establishment of Golf Ireland, through your golf club.

See below material produced by the GUI and ILGU explaining Golf Ireland in more detail.

Golf Ireland - Golf Club Summary
Information relating to the Golf Ireland proposal.
Golf Ireland - Club Summary.pdf
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Proposal Presentation
Golf Ireland Presentation for clubs.pdf
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Golf Ireland – For the good of the game - 06.12.2018 Update

The latest GUI Podcast features an exclusive interview with the GUI Chief Executive Officer Pat Finn on the Golf Ireland proposal from a GUI perspective.

It includes the background to the project, details the current situation and what clubs need to do over the coming weeks. It also addresses concerns raised recently about the proposal.


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